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We are delighted to announce that our Charity Partner is Love Your Sister.  It all started with the most absurd dare that you could possibly imagine.

Connie Johnson, a young mum of two, was told that she was terminal with breast cancer and to arrange her affairs. Instead, she sent her brother, Samuel Johnson to ride around the entire country on a unicycle to personally remind every young mum in the land to check their boobs.
Love Your Sister was born.

Samuel kept his promise. After 364 days, over 1000 media calls, 450 community fundraisers and 40 school visits, Samuel finally returned to Federation Square and Connie’s waiting arms. And the scientists at the Garvan Research Foundation found themselves $1.4M richer.

While Samuel’s insane unicycling adventure is done, Love Your Sister is not. Not while there’s still no cure. Not after Samuel promised the 380,000-strong LYS Village that he would up the fundraising goal to TEN million dollars.

Currently, their total stands just over $7M. There is now a new Breast Cancer Lab at Garvan, headed by the Connie Johnson Fellow, Professor Elgene Lim. This costs about $20K per month to operate.

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